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Pap Farm
Papadimitriou Dimitrios - Livestock Feed - Poultry Feed - Pet Accessories - Dilesi Boiotia


The Pap Farm feed store of Papadimitriou Dimitris, located at 31 Schimatariou Avenue in Delesi, Viotia, is close to you and your little friends to cover any need.

Visit the welcoming place for the excellent quality of the products and the excellent service it offers. Offering a wide variety of products for your dog, cat, small animals and birds promises to make both you and your pet happy.


In the store you will find, among other things, various kinds of animal feed, dog food, cat food, rabbit food. In the store you will also find a wide variety of pet beds and cages. Discover a wide range of various accessories suitable for your pet, from leashes and toys for his daily activities and entertainment to options for transporting him such as slings, transport cages, etc.

In the Pap Farm feed store you will also find products and foods that completely cover all the nutritional needs of your pet. Choose from a wide variety of high-quality branded animal feed with selected ingredients as well as various treats, snacks, bones, dry food in bulk or packaged, canned food, etc.